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bY hSA Nexire

Samsung launches Tizen based Z Smartphone

samsung z tizen 03 500x303 Samsung launches Tizen based Z smartphone

Samsung has been exploring the open source Linux-based Tizen recently, most notably by switching all of its Galaxy Gear smart watches from Android to the homegrown OS. Now the company has thrown its weight behind the platform with a new handset featuring Tizen software designed with chip manufacturer Intel.
The new Samsung Z is the latest smartphone from the Korean giant, but it is very much still a side project for the company. Sure, Samsung is taking this very seriously, but this is not a Galaxy device and the Z does not have designs on getting in the way of the flagship Galaxy S5. That said, the new smartphone stands very much on its own two feet and even though it is not a high end product, it slots nicely into mid-range territory.
Firstly, the Z is a change in design language for Samsung and it is geared far more towards Japanese or Asian exclusives than it is the global Galaxy range. Avoiding Galaxy comparisons was clearly the goal for Samsung and the company succeeded with a far more squared off look that is far more candy bar than any current Galaxy.
The Samsung Z comes with a list of solid specs that includes a 720p AMOLED panel, LTE, and 8 megapixel camera, 16GB of on board storage, and a quad core processor with 2GB of RAM. The chipset is almost certain to be the new Moorefield architecture from Intel, with 64-bit processing to boot. Interestingly, Samsung has not scrimped on bling features such as a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor, suggesting the Z will get most of the company's software such as Health.
The Samsung Z will launch June 3 at the third Tizen developers conference in San Francisco, where we will hopefully hear some pricing and release details. The handset will initially be available in black or gold.

Google Nexus 5 Unboxing

nexus 5 unboxing Nexus 5 unboxing and first impressions

Here’s how to make a Nexus 5. Take one part Nexus 7, take one part LG G2, mix, and then add a whole lot of Google. It’s not as enjoyable as making a nice mixed drink, but the concept is the same. You find ingredients that work well together and experiment until they combine in a way that results in a good flavor. In the case of Nexus 5, that means a back material that feels like the Nexus 7; a large display and shape reminiscent of the G2, minus the rear controls; and the showcase of the very first device to run Android 4.4 KitKat. Here’s a quick unboxing and hands-on video of the Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

galaxy gear 500x333 Samsung Galaxy Gear   Video Review
Samsung has entered another, new market when announced its first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. Check the video review after the break.
It features a 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen (320x320 pixels resolution), 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, 1.9-megapixel camera, two microphones and a speaker.
What do you say about the Galaxy Gear? Are you willing to pay $300 for this new gadget?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

galaxynote33 Samsung Galaxy Note 3   Video Preview
The guys over at PhoneArena preview the soon to be released Android flagship phablet by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3. Check the video preview after the break.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be officially available in more than 140 countries worldwide beginning September 25.
What do you say about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Are you getting one?